North Dakota
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#COVID-19 Response

Shipping essentials to backyards

In these unprecedented times, Flytrex is working diligently to push innovation and the use of drone delivery technology to make a positive impact globally. Taking advantage of our technology to rapidly deliver essential goods, we are now partnering with a growing number of towns and counties world-wide to deploy sterilized drone-based stations and offer delivery of essentials and food packs from super-centers directly to consumers’ backyards.

Contact us to bring our service to your own town, or join the service in one of our operational sites:

Grand Forks, ND, USA

Our distribution center located just outside Walmart’s Supercenter, offering multiple care-packs with essentials from Walmart, shipping offered to our subscribers’ backyards in Grand Forks, ND.

Kfar Netter, Netanya Region, Israel

Our distribution center is located just at the outskirts of Netanya city, offering deliveries to the surrounding councils Kfar Netter, Udim and more. The service offers essentials delivery directly to customers' backyards and is operated by Kronos Group.