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Crossing rivers, cutting time

We partnered with AHA, Iceland’s largest eCommerce to make food delivery quicker, cheaper, safer, and more environmentally friendly in the city of Reykjavik. Together with AHA, Flytrex’s drone delivery serves the capital’s hungry consumers and clock-watching clientele by flying over geographical barriers and drastically cutting delivery time and cost. With over a thousand flights logged, our system works alongside AHA’s vehicle-based delivery network, substantially increasing its daily delivery capacity without additional labor cost.

The world’s first backyard drone delivery

In August 2018, we became the first company in the world to drone-deliver directly to customers’ backyards, providing a speedy and hassle-free experience that satisfies today’s instant-gratification seeking consumer. Light rain or shine, Flytrex’s system will deliver your favorite meal to your backyard while it’s still hot.

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How does it work?

I'm a drone hobbyist and would like to purchase a drone to create my own missions, how can I proceed?
Find out about our different drones and their features on our Drones page. Once an order is placed we will ship the drone to you. The drone includes a unique ID that let's you link it with your account and then you can start flying right away. You can learn more about our Control Center here.
What can I deliver using Flytrex drones?
Our drones come in different sizes and each have their own payload capacity, ranging from 450g and up to 3kg. You could be sending a can of beer to your friend or a bigger parcel to your customer.
My business uses automatic logistics processes. Do you offer any means to integrate your solution with existing logistics systems?
Yes. Our web-based Control Center offers an API that you can integrate with fairly easily to push/retrieve new deliveries in to the system.

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