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Drone Delivery at King’s Walk Golf Course in North Dakota
The first drone delivery operation in the United States, serving golfers all the way to the 18th hole. King’s Walk Golf Course partnered with Flytrex in hope to replace the traditional beverage cart with a real on-demand service. Equipped with the best industrial drones available and the most advanced and safest drone delivery technology by Flytrex, King’s Walk Golf Course now provides its golfers with the VIP experience they’ve always dreamed of.

Faster, safer, cheaper and greener - this project marks the beginning of the drone delivery revolution in the United States.
No more waiting around for the beverage cart. Let the real on-demand era begin.
Flytrex offers golfers a chance to freshen up at the click of a button (or a tap on their smartphone). Using Flytrex’s drone delivery system, golfers can now order their desires snacks and drinks and receive them to their exact location on the course, within minutes. Whether it’s a hot burger or an ice-cold soda, the Flytrex drone will deliver your order in perfect condition, faster than ever before.
How does it work?
I'm a drone hobbyist and would like to purchase a drone to create my own missions, how can I proceed?
Find out about our different drones and their features on our Drones page. Once an order is placed we will ship the drone to you. The drone includes a unique ID that let's you link it with your account and then you can start flying right away. You can learn more about our Control Center here.
What can I deliver using Flytrex drones?
Our drones come in different sizes and each have their own payload capacity, ranging from 450g and up to 3kg. You could be sending a can of beer to your friend or a bigger parcel to your customer.
My business uses automatic logistics processes. Do you offer any means to integrate your solution with existing logistics systems?
Yes. Our web-based Control Center offers an API that you can integrate with fairly easily to push/retrieve new deliveries in to the system.

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