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5 Minute Backyard Delivery

Our drones

Our fastened delivery box guarantees your order is delivered just the way it was packed.
Using our wire release mechanism, orders are gently lowered from eighty feet. This ensures a quiet and secure delivery.
Cruising at 32 mph without traffic or other impediments, we reach your backyard in a fraction of conventional delivery time.

Making backyard deliveries a reality

Innovation Designed for The Suburbs Our delivery service is the first of its kind to bring on-demand drone delivery convenience to the suburbs. While urban dwellers can choose from a myriad of affordable on-demand delivery options, those living in the suburbs have been left with expensive and inconvenient choices until now.
Safety Our drones include extensive features to ensure safety. This includes hardware redundancies on multiple layers: motors, navigation, an autonomous parachute and a flight termination system. We've successfully conducted thousands of flights and are committed to the highest general aviation maintenance standards. In addition, our system uses the unique landscape of suburbs to plan safe routes that avoid flight over people.
Privacy People often associate drones with cameras which raises privacy concerns. However, we deeply care about preserving your privacy, which means our drones carry no cameras whatsoever. Our system navigates using GPS and sensors only.
Specs Our drones can carry up to 6.6 pounds (6-8 hamburgers) for a distance of 3.5 miles and back. We cruise at 32 miles per hour and fly at an altitude of 230 feet. Our current drone does not fly in the rain and at wind gusts stronger than 18 miles per hour. We only operate with regulatory and insurance approval.

Leading The Way In Shaping Drone Regulations

We are part of the Federal Aviation Administration UAS Integration Pilot Program (FAA IPP) and have partnered with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to standardize backyard drone delivery. In addition, we have spent the last two years working with the Icelandic Transportation Authority (ICETRA) to advance the use of commercial drone deliveries in Reykjavik.