100%! Drone delivery is not a far-fetched dream anymore - we’ve turned it into reality, and we’re hoping to make it the standard delivery choice. But don’t take our word for it, try it out and see for yourself.


Currently, our operations are limited to the USA. Check out our updating locations, we’re constantly working on expanding to more areas!

What can I order using Flytrex Sky Delivery?

Our drones can carry up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg), allowing you to order a family dinner of burgers and drinks or the refill of toilet paper and coffee you just ran out of. Open the Flytrex app to browse through the wide selection of items we offer from stores in your area.

How far can the drones fly?

Our drones are capable of flying approximately 5 miles roundtrip.

How FAST can the drones fly?

Our drones generally fly at 32 mph, enabling us to reach your backyard in under five minutes. That’s fast enough to keep your ice cream from melting and your coffee hot.

Is it safe?

You bet. Safety is our #1 priority. We work closely with the FAA, DOT, and other industry partners to safely and surely advance commercial drones into the National Airspace System. We take great measures to ensure the operation safety, such as an autonomous parachute and a flight termination system. The operations are performed by certified, experienced professionals and we adhere to all the latest regulations.

Who flies the drone?

Trick question, no one does! Our drones are completely autonomous and don’t require anyone to fly them or drop off the package. However, as an extra safety measure, we have a team of FAA-certified drone operators overseeing each mission and ensuring a seamless delivery.


Once you download the app and register your backyard, place your order by simply selecting the restaurant and items of your choice and checking out. Your order will be prepared and placed in the drone, and you can kick back, relax, and track your order in-app as it makes its way to your delivery point. Your order will be gently lowered to the ground, and the drone will automatically fly back.

Won’t the food spill?

Nope. Our fastened delivery box guarantees your order is delivered just the way it was packed. Using our wire release mechanism, orders are gently lowered from eighty feet, not dropped. This ensures a quiet and secure delivery. Your groceries are safe with us, including milkshakes or even a dozen eggs.

I’m a business, Can we partner up?

Sure. Whether you're a restaurant, retailer, or drone operator - we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, feel free to email us at hi@flytrex.com


We’re happy to help!
Email us at hi@flytrex.com with any questions you have.